Meet the Band


With 15 years experience in Rock and Roll and Ball Room dancing, Trevor contributes to the ‘song select’ to make sure that every song the Band plays is worthy of a dance. He only took up playing bass guitar in 2004, and has since followed his dreams. He is also the founder of this band.


Has been gigging in Rock and Roll bands since the late Seventies. A versatile entertainer doing Solo, Duo and Band gigs playing Rhythm/Bass Guitar and vocals. Jono plays Rhythm Guitar and shares in the Lead Vocals for Matchbox.


An extremely gifted musician began beating the drums as a teenager. He progressed to working in very successful rock & roll bands since the eighties. Selectively pursued by Matchbox for his skills, John keeps the beat going and his aim is to keep playing into a ripe old age.


Better known as Richie Rich, vocalist, pianist, guitarist, is one of the most exciting and charismatic performers of Blues, Soul, Country, Jazz and of course Rock & Roll. Richard began singing and playing acoustic guitar at the age of sixteen. He formed his own band with his brothers in East Africa which was called “The Drifters”. The band found work in various clubs in Uganda and Kenya and was also regularly featured on TV. Richard played in various bands in Ireland and England. In Sydney he was a founding member of Hot Shots and also played in Bee Bops, Freestyle and now shares his skills with the Pink Chevys and Matchbox. Richard also has his own act called a “Tribute to Chuck Berry” .


Chris Pietersz began his professional musical career as a recording artist whilst with the Disco/Funk Band "Dark Tan" in the seventies. He was a founding member of this Band and played at various venues throughout Australia, and performed on cruise ships during this period. As the keyboard player/singer for Dark Tan, he harmonized with the Lead Vocalist, Alston Koch and they were regulars on Bandstand and featured on TV at Channel Nine with ABBA, whilst they were touring Australia. On Channel 9's New Faces with Bert Newton, Chris won many heats and was the artist selected as a popular winner with the NSW 'Viewers Choice' segment.

Sadly Chris passed away on 2nd September, 2015 and this is dedicated to his memory and contribution to the Band.


Dominic joined the band on 23rd October, 2015. Ironically, he replaced his mentor, the late Chris Peters who was our original keyboard player. Dominic began his musical career from his early school days playing in school bands and then progressing to doing regular gigs with Eastern Spice, The Cosmic Blues and was a founding member of The Breakaways, a very successful Club, Restaurant, Wedding and Cruise Band in the 1970's and 1980's. He joined the Army Reserve Band in 2005 and was a member of The Royal Military College Band in Duntroon, regularly performing at Vice Regal receptions. Chris passed away in September 2015 and Dominic was invited to join Matchbox Band.